Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

September 2021

Dulce Silva Garcia

Dulce Silva Garcia knew she wanted to work in healthcare, but didn’t know how to start.
“When I was in school, I wanted to be in healthcare, but I didn’t know for what,” said Dulce. “I saw a post on Facebook saying they were going to do a free CNA class and I just went, asked information, and took that class!”
It’s been four years since Dulce took her first steps to become a CNA. She joined the Recruitment Alley team in February 2021 and has been a steady member of our workforce ever since. Dulce’s limitless reliability and genuine care for her work has earned her the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for September 2021.
Whether she needs help from our internal team or needs help at facilities, the Recruitment Alley team has been there for Dulce when she needs the support. As long as she sees our trademark logo on their badge, she knows she can go to them for help.
“I really like this company, they’re really nice to you. If you have a problem, just call them, let them know, and they’ll try to help you,” said Dulce. “It’s really nice to have people you know working with you. The U and I, that’s teamwork—we work as a team.”
Throughout her time as a CNA, Dulce has worked with a variety of patients, each with a different story to tell.
“I like working with the patients. I go to them, talk to them, they tell me their life’s story. I think that’s really interesting, getting to know them,” said Dulce.
One of her most memorable moments at work was when a resident shared her struggles with Dulce. Dulce was compelled to offer the resident emotional support and listen to her story. Despite facing staffing shortages and a global pandemic, she always tries to take the time to get to know each patient individually.
Dulce’s advice for new CNAs is to be patient and friendly, and to know your limits.
“Some good advice I wish someone had told me when I had started is to never be scared to ask for help,” said Dulce. “Even though you think you can do it yourself, don’t do it, go ask for help because that’s how you get hurt.”

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