Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

October 2022

Mai Yee Yang

Mai believes being fearless is key in healthcare.
Our October Healthcare Rockstar of the Month is someone who has proven repeatedly to be nothing but dependable and diligent. This person is none other than Mai Yee Yang. Mai is an LVN who joined the Recruitment Alley family in June of 2022. Since then, she has been an integral part of the team.
Our scheduling team has raved about Mai’s accountability and ability to adapt to facilities where she is needed.
Mai revealed that she was in healthcare because most of her family is in the industry. She started as a CNA for 5 years before deciding to go to school to become an LVN. She states her main source of motivation is her parents and their hard work. “They work hard so I gotta work hard too.” Mai says.
Mai’s time at Recruitment Alley has been a mutually positive experience. Mai appreciates RA’s flexibility, great communication, and friendly staff in the office and on the floor. She even gives a shout-out to all her coworkers! Her family is the reason she’s in the industry and is also her biggest reason why. Mai wants to set an example in her family and continue the success at Recruitment Alley.  
Mai exudes the positive energy that anyone in the healthcare industry should have. She knows this industry isn’t easy and that’s why it takes a fearless person to stay in it.  Her advice to any new CNAs is to, “ask for help, don’t be afraid.”

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