Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

October 2021

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Robert’s has been in staffing for over 21 years. She even wanted to find new work, until she found Recruitment Alley.
“Well, I worked with Recruitment Alley, and they worked with me and one of the facilities I was at back when COVID hit. Alley called me, and said, Hi, I’m Recruitment Alley and I have a nursing registry.” And I said oh my God, where did you come from?  You were just the person I needed to speak to, and you gathered up a team and helped me.”
Rebecca joined the team after and now it’s been 10 months since joining. Rebecca has been a big part of its success. Rebecca’s passion and hard work for the industry and staff has earned her the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for October 2021.
Whether she’s communicating with internal staff or the facilities, consistency and the people are what motivates Rebecca.
“It’s being consistent with my team. Consistency is easier for our staff that’s out there knowing that they always have somebody to rely upon. Somebody takes the night shift and I take the early AM shifts. They have somebody to communicate with when they need help.”
As a Client Success Manager, Rebecca knows Recruitment Alley will continue to grow and she sees herself a part of that.
“I see the company growing as I’ve been here this last year. From the start when I got here and now, we’ve doubled in size. I see great things. I’m learning. I’m learning how to help them make it a success. Better I hope, you know stronger, better, faster.”
While Rebecca has been in the industry for over 20 years, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to create relationships with almost everyone while continuing to learn as well.
“I believe it’s the environment we have here. It’s quite different than working out at the hospitals. The kids here are really great. I’m learning from them. It’s the environment.”
Rebecca’s advice for new staffing members is to have patience and to work with your heart here.
“As far as working in the skill nursing facilities and in the acute settings, we all know that it’s a hard demanding job, to have patience. Taking care of patients throughout the day, it’s overwhelming but I always tell my staff if you need us were here. You’re more than welcome to contact us to get through the days. I think major thing is, that it has to be in your heart. You have to have a heart to do this job. And that’s what we’re a part of and we want to be a part of theirs.”

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