Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

November 2021

Erika Ramirez

Erika Ramirez wasn’t sure about Recruitment Alley and when she took a chance on the company she never looked back. Meanwhile, she’s established many connections.
“I was looking for a new job and it popped up one of the job searching apps. At first, I was like, what is this, I’ve never heard of them. And then they called me, and I was like, I don’t know.”
Although she was uncertain in the beginning, Erika has found great working relationships with coworkers. She believes if you work with people, you enjoy being around, the job becomes even more fun.
“I think there’s multiple people. Lisa is one of my favorite ones. I’ve known her for so long. Eekong, Zena, Monique, Jenny. I’ve been working with them for so long. We always go to the same facilities. When I see them, I’m so happy.”
These relationships are what Erika cherishes wholeheartedly. What she loves just as much is, seeing the residents. She continues to make connections and build relationships with them too.
“I learn so much from them. I like to go the same facility over and over again and they already know who I am. They get happy to see me even though I’m having a sad day or a bad day. When they tell me, ‘I’m so glad you’re here. I haven’t seen you in so long. Why did you leave? You can’t leave me.’  It makes me feel happy. It makes me want to do what I do.”
Residents have a special place in her heart. She enjoys going to work every day and being there for them.  Erika’s relationship with the residents has allowed her to even receive advice that she hasn’t forgotten.
“One of my residents told me, not to settle. To believe in myself that I could do whatever I want to do. Just to follow my dreams and do whatever I want. Not to let people tell me that I can’t do something and to believe in myself.”
Erika knows this line of work isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. She believes you must care and really enjoy doing this type of work. That is why her advice for future CNAs is to be patient and just go for it.
“It’s hard at first. It’s difficult. You must learn to just not get mad. You learn so much from the residents. Things you would never think about.  Like wow. They know much more than you think. The best thing is, at the end of the day you’re the only person they have. Sometimes their family doesn’t see them, so they have only you. And they will remember that. They remember the little things you do for them.”
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