Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

November 2020

Wilson Kristanto

Wilson Kristanto came to America just three years ago...

and now he’s working his way up the medical workforce ladder. His hard work and determination, along with his easily likeable demeanor, earned him the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for November.
Wilson was attracted to the healthcare industry because of it’s plentiful opportunities. Currently he’s working as a CNA through Recruitment Alley, with hopes to join Fresno City College’s RN program as soon as possible.
His long-term goal for the future is to have his own facility for geriatric patients. However, his relationship with geriatrics wasn’t love at first sight.
“I was expecting to deal with the hospital patients, the younger generations,” said Wilson. “And when I came to geriatrics, I hated it so much.”
Wilson soon learned his compassion and communicative skills would help him to forge a better relationship with his residents.
“But case by case, it creates a connection, it creates a relationship, it creates a deeper [bond] than just “work,”” said Wilson. “Geriatrics is one of the most beautiful places for CNAs to begin with.”
Of course, Wilson’s success—and favorite part of the job—is unmatched because of the support from his team.
“The most memorable [moment] is when I work with my team,” said Wilson. “I love the feeling when everyone is trying their best and back up each other. That’s the best thing ever.”
His experience working with Recruitment Alley so far has helped him build relationship and develop his leadership skills.  Recruitment Alley’s open communication policy has made it easy for Wilson to achieve the work-life balance that he’s been looking for.
“You just need to communicate with your leaders, and it’s as simple as that. Then you get a paycheck for every week,” said Wilson. “I believe that most new CNAs, they know their ethics. They know their work. So, if Recruitment Alley offers you an opportunity… take it! And do your best, don’t let your team down, that’s it!"
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