Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

March 2023

Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia, Scheduling Manager at Recruitment Alley, is a dedicated professional and a rockstar. In fact, he was named our March 2023 Healthcare Rockstar of the Month, highlighting his exceptional work ethic and commitment to his team and clients.


Aside from his work responsibilities, Garcia enjoys fishing and working on his truck as a means of relaxation and personal fulfillment. Fishing provides him with an escape from the daily pressures of work while working on his truck allows him to put his mechanical skills to use.


Despite his passion for fishing and mechanics, Garcia's commitment to his career is unwavering. He hopes to continue growing and taking on new challenges, all while providing exceptional service to his team and clients. His journey to becoming a Scheduling Manager at Recruitment Alley was unexpected, but his dedication and hard work have enabled him to excel in his role.


When asked about his success, Garcia mentioned that he never hesitates to take on new opportunities, even if they are outside of his comfort zone. In fact, he was offered a Scheduling position after the last scheduler at his previous job quit. Although he initially didn't want the role, he eventually accepted it and later joined Recruitment Alley! His dedication to the position has helped him become the exceptional leader he is today.


Victor’s recognition as our Healthcare Rockstar of the Month is a testament to his hard work and commitment to excellence. As he continues to grow and develop professionally, there is no doubt that he will continue to make valuable contributions to the Recruitment Alley team and clients.

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