Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

March 2022

Duang Dubose

Duang uses family as the main reason for her return to Fresno.
Duang Dubose grew up in Fresno and knew this was home. She was gone for a while but ever since COVID hit, she’s been back in Fresno.
While here, it didn’t take her long to find work. That’s how she found Recruitment Alley.
“I was looking for a job before I moved back here. I found it on Indeed. It was during the pandemic, and I wanted to be closer to the family.”
Duang missed her family and is glad she came back. Ever since joining Recruitment Alley she has proven to be a leader. She isn’t a leader by her words, but by her actions. She exemplifies what RA stands for and shows up when needed.
That is why Recruitment Alley has chosen her as the Healthcare Rockstar of the month for March 2022!
Check out the video to learn more about Duang!

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