Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

March 2021

Mayra Martinez

Mayra Martinez was inspired to go into healthcare due to the negativity surrounding the field.

She recalled seeing heartbreaking stories on the news about how caregivers would abuse their elderly patients, which inspired her to make a difference. Mayra began her journey into the healthcare industry by working as a medical assistant for four years, then became a CNA—a profession she’s been working in for two years now.
Mayra’s exceptional ability to be caring and compassionate to her residents has earned her the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for March 2021.
“I’m there for 8, 10, 12 hours maybe, daily,” said Mayra. “I just want them to feel comfortable with me, and I want them to feel like they’re being [taken] care of.”
Throughout her time with Recruitment Alley, Mayra has proven her courageousness time and time again by working through the COVID-19pandemic.
Like many others, Mayra was afraid of the virus and how it would affect her and her family. Thankfully, when she and her family inevitably contracted COVID-19, their symptoms weren’t too severe.
“When I got COVID, my mindset just changed… It didn’t hit us as bad,” said Mayra. “Now that I’m taking care of residents that have COVID, I just want them to not think that way. I want them to think positive.”
Mayra genuinely loves doing what she does as a CNA. She hopes to eventually go back to school to become an LVN so that she can continue to help people in a greater capacity.
“Every day is memorable for me. I like how residents act toward me, at the end of the day they’re very grateful, they tell me how kind I am,” said Mayra. “That’s something that really makes me love my job even more, because they say that, it makes me feel very very very special.”
Mayra began working with the Recruitment Alley team in October of 2020. Although she was enticed to join because of the pay, she stayed for the solid sense of teamwork that our employees bond over.
Out of all the CNAs, LVNs, and RNs that Mayra has worked with, the ones from Recruitment Alley have always proven to be a top-notch crew.
“You could say it’s like a second home to me,” said Mayra. “Every day that I go in there and I work with different people from [Recruitment Alley], they’re awesome.”
Her advice for incoming CNAs is to not just do it for the money, but to do it because you have a kind and genuine heart.
“Do it because you’re making a difference in their lives as well,” said Mayra. “That really changes your whole mindset, because you’re there to take care of them and they’re grateful.”

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