Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

June 2022

Shelby Domingo

Shelby Domingo has always been a leader in the office.

She is one of the longest-tenured internal staff members here at Recruitment Alley. She has shown herself to be dependable and reliable. That is why our payroll supervisor has been elected as our Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for June 2022. This achievement is for a variety of reasons, including her dedication to the company, her drive to always do better, and her ability to lead during hard times. Shelby has been with RA for a little over a year and a half and in that time, she has proven that she is well-deserving of the title of Healthcare Rockstar of the Month.
She states that her goals within the company include, “To find the most efficient way to keep the payroll system running, build the payroll team, and keep everyone involved.” Every day, her actions showcase her efforts of working toward those active goals and making sure she doesn’t lose sight of them.
A source of motivation that Shelby uses to keep her positive attitude in the office is a piece of advice she received which told her to “take it as it goes and make the best of it.”
Apart from being an actual team leader, Shelby is a great team player and always takes her RA team into account. She states that the best part of her job is the people that she works for who are always supportive no matter what. It is no surprise for Shelby to find herself in the position as our second internal ROTM since she has highlighted all the rock star qualities that we look for at Recruitment Alley!



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