Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

July 2022

Hana Haile

Family and patients are everything to Hana Haile

Hana has recently completed her first year with Recruitment Alley and has non-stop shown her skills and dedication which have led her to this achievement of Healthcare Rockstar of the Month. She was introduced to Recruitment Alley by a friend and according to her, her experience has been nothing short of great. She dishes about how highly appreciative she is of Recruitment Alley’s staff, scheduling, and communication. “I’m impressed.” Hana states.
Hana’s main reason for getting into healthcare comes from her being the type of person who cares and who has always had to take on the role of a caregiver.  She has always been a provider in her family for most of her life. It felt right and natural for her to take on the role of a CNA when she came to the United States 11 years ago. She feels as if this path suits her very well and we cannot agree more.
“I first came to be in medical assisting. I orientated for it, but it wasn’t my thing. Someone introduced me to nursing assisting. That is who I am.” Hana says.
Along with her caring personality, her main motivation is her family which keeps her going to work every day and giving it her all.
When it comes to any advice Hana would give to others who are entering the healthcare industry it would be, “To give the care that you’d want to be cared for.” She emphasizes the importance of how those who you take care of could also be your loved ones and treat them how you want your loved ones to be treated.
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