Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

July 2021

Ada Cabarloc

Ada Cabarloc always felt as if she could be doing something more.

A Visalia native, Ada started her journey into the healthcare field in 2013. She was previously a stay-at-home mother to her now 12-year-olddaughter, but after a few years of being a full-time mom, she felt the need to branch out and share her caregiving skills with others as a CNA.
“I just went for it!” Ada said. “And I actually do love it because I love helping people and I love seeing people get better—just being there for them.”
Ada joined the Recruitment Alley team in February of 2021and was quickly promoted to CNA Team Lead within just three months, due to her innate compassion and strong work ethic. She has proven to be one of our most reliable CNAs and is now our Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for July 2021.
Ada truly enjoys her work as a CNA, with most of her background in Skilled Nursing. She hopes to expand her experience and try working in the hospital or prison setting, but she knows that she wants to stay in the healthcare industry no matter what.
“Right now, I’m pretty undecided— I do like the CNA work right now, I’m pretty comfortable with it,” said Ada. “I were to probably go a step up, I would stay in nursing. At least LVN, but for now CNA works for me.”
Ada is always motivated to improve and stay positive whenever she is at work. She challenges herself daily by asking “What can I do today to improve myself? What can I do today to make someone’s day better?”
Her actions don’t go unnoticed—even her patients are grateful that she goes the extra mile for them.
“Just the other day,” Ada said, “[this resident] comes up tome and tells me ‘…I recommended her to you if anything happens to your current job right now. I want to make sure you have a secure place to go, so I put in a word for you.’”
She was so touched by the resident’s gesture that she nearly started crying— employees had previously reported that he hardly talks to anyone or lets them take care of him, yet he went out of his way to show his appreciation for her.
He had told her, “You’ve been really good to me, and I just wanted to do that for you.”
Ada’s time with Recruitment Alley so far has been full of interesting experiences.
“It’s been really awesome,” she said. “I like going to different facilities, meeting new people, meeting my colleagues, it’s just really awesome. There’s really nothing negative to say here, it’s nothing but positive.”
Her advice to incoming CNAs joining the Recruitment Alley team is to be patient and to never be afraid to ask for help.
“I know it can be overwhelming at times, but sometimes you just gotta have patience,” Ada said. “Just don’t feel like you’re ever alone—you could always come to us.”
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