Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

January 2022

Jennifer Roman-Flores

Jennifer always believed she belonged at Recruitment Alley
There’s a reason why Jennifer sees herself as a wolf. She holds herself to a high standard to represent herself and her work with pride. Jennifer has been with Recruitment Alley only for a few months, but she continues to rise. “I am a wolf. I think that’s what I was in the past life. I just feel very strongly about everything in life. My life, my kids, what I’m going to do, my profession, who I am as a person. And I think a wolf has all that. It never gives up. You can throw it out in the wild and it just survives.”
Jennifer’s hard work and determination have earned her the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for January 2022. Jennifer knew when she saw other RA staff, she knew she wanted to be a part of the team.
“I actually got to work with other CNAs in the field and just to see them super motivated and super happy and just what they brought as vibes in the workplace. Like I need to work for them. That is where I belong.”
Jennifer is motivated by the fact she can make difference and help people who have no one else to help them. Whether that is patients or other staff members.
“I show others what it’s like to have that compassion towards somebody. They can’t move, can’t do things for themselves. Knowing at the end of the day that I went and actually helped somebody but not only that, I motivated someone else to be better in the workplace.”
While she has set the example for co-workers and staff, she believes that starting out takes a leap of faith and to just go for it. “It’s positive here. Do what you love. Give it a chance to settle in, and it’s more like come in welcome, settle in, and then everybody else just kind of takes your hand from there.”
Jennifer truly believes that working in healthcare is very different from everything else she has done. But she is grateful for her experiences and her journey to eventually become an RN. Although that is her goal, she believes being a mom of three is the most important role she has been given.
“I’m also a mom of three. Which I’m very proud of. I think that’s my most important role in life. I’m in healthcare because I’m going to be an RN one day.”
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