Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

February 2022

Janessa Botello

Janessa’s fun energy has paved the way for her recent success.
Janessa Botello arrived at Recruitment Alley summer of 2021and has been a great example for the staff. Her energy is unmatched, and patients do take notice. Her ability to perform and take care of others is why she has been selected as our Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for February2022.
With all her determination and energy, it also comes with motivation.
“I would say that my parents motivate me to work hard everyday just because I see how hard that they work for you know to give me my brothers and stuff that we want and most importantly need so I just hope that one day I can provide for my family as my parents do for us.”
As a Visalia native, she knew right away that she wanted to make a difference and help people.
This is a big part of why she does what she does. The dedication she shows to her family and patients is inspiring others every day. Being at RA has also allowed her to meet new people as well.
“My experience has been pretty delightful. I've met a lot of new people I'm able to talk every day to different people you know get to know them. So, I think that I just like the social aspect of it.”
Janessa believes the social aspect is huge especially when you’re new. Talking to co-workers and staff is what can ease the process when starting in this field. She thinks it’s better to just go for it!
“Ask questions don't be afraid to ask for help because you know if you're wondering something someone else is probably wondering. So, you know you might as well be the first person to ask and just help everybody out, and then don't be afraid to ask for help because the job can't get a little hard. So, it's always nice to have like a helping hand cause you can't do everything by yourself.”

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