Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

December 2022

Monique Saesee

Our Healthcare Rockstar of the Month of December has been with us for almost 2 years and has given her all in that time.
She takes her line of work seriously and genuinely cares for the people she has under her care. We are proud to announce Monique Saesee holds this title for the month of December.  
Monique Saesee has been a CNA since 2018 and then joined Recruitment Alley in June of 2021 when she had other family members join. She heard about great experiences from her cousins, so she decided to give us a shot and has been enjoying the journey. She has gotten compliments from staff and her fellow CNAs, who have worked alongside her.
The internal office has also had a more than pleasant experience with Monique as she is always working so hard and picking up any shifts when she is needed.  
She stays motivated with not only her family but specifically her kids. She has 2 children who keep her coming to work and wanting to support and provide for them. She also wants to travel more and not so coincidentally she was the grand prize winner for the $1,000 travel voucher at our 2022 UI Celebration and she plans on cashing it in this year!  
We wish Monique the best and are proud and happy to have someone as awesome as her on our team!

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