Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

December 2021

Jada Beltran

Jada Beltran has been working since she was 12 and is motivated to continue growing as a person.
“I just want to work. Who doesn’t want to work? Who doesn’t like to get their own money? Like being independent. My mom always taught me no one is going to hand you nothing, so you need to go work.”
Jada was so determined to work for Recruitment Alley that couldn’t take no for an answer. She would continue to stay in contact and message James until he brought her on board. “James was trying to call me but for some reason every time I was busy. I don’t know why but I was always busy. Then he had sent me an email saying our offer had been terminated or something like that. He was declining the offer to me and I was like Oh my God. I was like no. I started to bug him and was like oh no you guys have to hire me and then look at us now!”
Ever since joining the team only a couple of months ago, Jada has been a staple to Recruitment Alley and has been one of the best out there! Her hard work in a short time has made her hungry for more. Her goal is to eventually become an RN. “I really want to finish school. I’m going for an RN, so hopefully, I finish. Honestly, it takes time and you got to be patient. As long as you keep going through it especially after COVID. It took forever. I was really held back. Hopefully, I stay focused, and I finish and I can work for Alley as an RN.”
With these goals, Jada knows the type of skills needed for this industry. She believes having patience is very important to succeed here. “Be patient. Be so patient. I understand it’s hard. Sometimes you have up until 10, 12 patients. Like when the facility really needs you, you have 12. It’s really hard sometimes when you have that many patients but the most you can do is be patient.”
While she’s maintained a determined and focused attitude, it hasn’t taken her long to make friends and figure out the culture Recruitment Alley has established. She believes working here is so different compared to other jobs. Everyone she has encountered has been great.
“I like all my coworkers. They’re so cool. Everyone helps me. I like them all. They’re so nice. Everyone I meet, or if I go to a new place, they direct me. They help me and they show me around. They show me here is this, here’s this, and this is how this patient is. Everyone will help me. They give me rounds when they shouldn’t. Everyone I meet from Recruitment Alley, I like everybody.

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