Healthcare Rockstar of the Month

December 2020

Gisselle Gutierrez

What keeps Gisselle Gutierrez so motivated?

At the end of the day, it’s her passion for helping others and the relationships she forms with her patients. Her ambition and desire to go above and beyond has landed her the title of Recruitment Alley’s Healthcare Rockstar of the Month for December.
“It sounds cliché, but I love helping people. I love the gratitude, seeing them happy,” said Gisselle. “And if I can do something to provoke that then that’s what I like.”
The satisfaction of making a patient’s day encourages Gisselle to give it her all when she’s working. One particularly memorable case was when Gisselle went out of her way to help a resident feel beautiful for a special occasion.
“She was all stressed out because she didn’t have her makeup there and she felt like she just wasn’t gonna be presentable,” said Gisselle. “I had some lashes in my car, I went in to go get them and I put them on her, I had a couple of makeup[products], and I just got her ready. She was so grateful and happy that she got to feel pretty to go to her son’s graduation.”
Gisselle has been working as a CNA since 2017, and joined the Recruitment Alley team of CNAs in October of this year. She was immediately drawn in by the teamwork and sense of camaraderie that the team exudes.
“Everybody that we meet, even if it was the first time we met, there's a lot of teamwork,” said Gisselle. “How do I explain it… if I haven’t met the person, they’re still willing to help, they’re very helpful and likewise I [help]. It just feels like a second family at work.”
Gisselle’s goal for the future is to become a Registered Nurse, specializing in psychiatrics. Her calmness and composure, along with her drive to ensure the happiness of her patients, makes her a great fit for the role.
“I just find [psychiatric patients] so interesting,” said Gisselle. “When I talk to them it makes them feel like they’re understood.”
Her advice for individuals who are considering working in the healthcare field is to remember that at the end of the day, you’re there to help all of the patients, even if they aren’t assigned to you.
“I think that’s the best advice that I can give because the patient will be very grateful for you, they’ll know that you’re actually there for them and you’re not there because it's just a job, but that you care,” said Gisselle. “They should feel safe and kind of loved.”

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