What does the UI logo mean?

March 1, 2021

Why did we chose our iconic UI as the logo for Recruitment Alley? It's because "U and I" matter. We value our employees because we know that a successful company is nothing without a well-supported team. "U and I" is the culture at Recruitment Alley.

We know that in today’s world, it’s easy to feel like just a number. With most agencies, it’s about numbers: quantity over quality, a warm body to fill a seat and then bill. At Recruitment Alley, we strive to break that trend. Our goal is to bring a level of integrity into the prospecting process—making sure every individual that goes through our process is treated with respect. It boils down to our tagline: U and I matter.

Recruitment Alley CEO, Alley Her, emphasizes that the RA business model focuses on the candidate experience— the CNAs, LVNs, RNs, all of the healthcare workers that work with us— because without a proper and well-supported workforce, there are no clients.

We ensure that our employees are fully supported by any means possible, whether it’s by providing physical safety with our quality PPE gear or by providing moral and professional support, anytime, anywhere.

“If there’s ever an issue, everybody is able to help each other,” said Alley. “Every associate that’s working for us has direct access to our internal team, so you can call 24/7 and I will pick up the phone— that's the difference, we will pick up the phone.”

So when we say "U and I matter,” we mean it. It doesn’t matter what background or walk of life our employees come from; we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to grow and excel if they want.

Candidates that come to us who have worked with other agencies in the past are often underpaid, frustrated, and burnt out, but we can guarantee a difference. We are able to give control back to our employees by offering a work-life balance, flexibility, support but most of all respect and professional integrity.

“We have a highly coveted workforce that is committed to excellence and standing out as the gold standard in their field,” said Alley. “No one is forced to work— everyone chooses to because they have the motivation to go to work. They are respected and valued, which inspires them to perform at their best regardless of what facility they are in.”

We take care of our employees so that they can pay it forward in the care they provide to their patients.

"U and I" matter. "U and I" can make a difference. "U and I" means team work. "U and I" is the culture at Recruitment Alley.

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