The top 5 healthcare positions in demand for 2020

December 1, 2020

The need for healthcare jobs has been unsystematic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has offset the balance of healthcare jobs all over the U.S. Because of this, the need for certain healthcare specialties has begun to arise.

Here are the top 5 healthcare specialties in demand for 2020.

Various Nursing Roles

There has been a massive concern on the shortage of ICU nurses as they confront the coronavirus pandemic. Since these nurses are at a high risk of being exposed to the virus, some nurses opt to quit their healthcare jobs to avoid risk to themselves and their families. Since critically ill COVID-19 patients are treated in an ICU, the need for these nurses is very high. View our ICU positions here.

CNAs are in high demand due to how essential they are every day. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, CNAs are even more essential. With the need to continually disinfect rooms, monitor temperature from time to time and record patient medicine intake, it is no wonder why so many hospitals are seeking these professionals right now.  

LPNs are also in demand to help patients through this pandemic. Since they provide basic nursing care to patients not only in hospital settings, but also alternate care facilities and non hospital settings, many LPN positions have opened up. 

Due to the pandemic, there is a shortage of ER nurses everywhere. The need to monitor patients and help doctors in medical emergencies, like COVID-19 hospital admittance, is at a high. Many hospitals are seeking the help of ER nurses, to support the medical team within their emergency room.

Home Healthcare

The last area of healthcare that has been on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic is home healthcare. Home healthcare can be seen as a less-costly option to hospital visits or moving to an assisted living facility when illness, age-related health problems occur. Currently, home health nurses are needed for thousands of people affected with COVID-19 or at risk of infection, who don’t need hospitalization but some level of care. Also, some patients who are treated within the hospital might need some level of home healthcare post-hospitalization. This is why the demand for home health travel nurses and home healthcare nurses is at and all time high. View our home healthcare job opportunities.

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