Doing Your Best At a Job Interview

April 1, 2021

What's the best way to handle a job interview? Our team gives their advice on how to stand out during a job interview: preparation tips, important talking points, what not to do, and more.

It is important to remember that you are more than just your resume. Recruiters and hiring managers often are able to read between the lines to gauge your personality and work ethic.

At Recruitment Alley, our rigorous onboarding process can take up to two weeks to ensure the quality of our candidates. Throughout the process, our candidates are treated respectfully and kept in the loop of where they’re at in the process.

The most important advice that we can give to candidates fordoing their best at a job interview is to be thoroughly prepared for the interview. This means setting aside time for a distraction-free environment during phone and video calls and researching the company prior to their interview.

“Candidates should not have a lot of background noise going on or schedule an interview during work hours— have the time to discuss the job,” says Recruitment Alley Talent Agent April Vargas. “Don’t do Zoom meetings in anything less than professional attire and atmosphere.”

Many companies have adapted their hiring process to include as few in-person meetings as possible, so be sure to brush up on your video interview etiquette. For us, it is important to have the camera on, little to no background noise, and to have your full attention during our Zoom meetings—particularly, during your Zoom Orientation.

Prior to the COVID restrictions, these orientations were in-person, so that employees could have a more personalized experience and meet with our CEO, Alley Her. Now that we have transitioned to online video orientations, we ask for your camera to be on because we still want these meetings to feel personal.

And although money is an important topic, our team advises against bringing up the subject of pay right away.

“Candidates shouldn’t ask about pay, especially in the beginning of an interview,” says Chief Operating Officer James Pak. “Doing so makes it seem like all they care about is money, and that they aren’t in the industry for the right reasons.”

Researching a company prior to your interview is also important so that you can ask educated questions during your interview. Additionally, your research will show the recruiters that you have a genuine interest in the company and can help your nerves by being prepared.

Here are some important talking points and qualities that our Talent Agents look for during your job interview with Recruitment Alley:

·   What’s missing in your current position that you are looking for? Ex: Flexible schedule, professional growth, team, culture?

·   Why did you get into the healthcare field? What inspires you?

·   What are your goals for the future?

·   Can they follow instructions?

·   Are they flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to help the company?

·   Are they paying attention and taking notes during interview?

·   Did they take the time to research what the company they are applying for is about?

·   What does their social media say about them? What are they posting?

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